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The New Guys



Over the past month or so, in between other projects, I have been busy sewing a brand new range of made-to-order plush for my Etsy store. I’ve been keeping it really quiet, but now it’s time to meet the new gang!
So, here goes:

Elephant in a Tracksuit –>


I started making elephant folk a few years ago, then just stopped suddenly for no reason. I thought it was time to bring him back – this time in a Tenenbaums inspired tracksuit!

Mathlete Rabbit –>


A rabbit who is really really good at maths. Inspired by the mathletes from Freaks and Geeks, of course!

Turtle Geek –>


Another Freaks and Geeks inspired guy – I was thinking of Bill Haverchuck when I was making this turtle (I’m pretty much always thinking of Bill I guess, but you know).

Hooded Bobble Alpaca —>


A nice bobbly alpaca with gangly legs. This time with a hood!

FlorAlpaca —>


This little alpaca was inspired by a recent commission to make a deer with a flower crown – I got quite taken with making the little felt flowers and so thought this little alpaca lady would be a good outlet for my flower making addiction.

Squish Face Cat in a Cape —>


A squishy cat! My life has basically always been centered around cats (particularly squishy ones), so I decided to reflect this in this nice cat lady.

Peacenik Rabbit —>


I was listening to a nice old interview with John Lennon the other day, and he mentioned that he was often referred to as a Peacenik. Nice word. Here’s a peacenik rabbit.

Sloths are Ok! Sloth Friend —>


Finally! A sloth!

Classics Libearian —>


I couldn’t not have a Libearian in there somewhere! When I sent all these pics to my sister (for approval) she pointed out that this lady bears (!) a striking resemblance to our high school Librarian. She is a cool lady, so I hope if she ever sees this she will take it as a compliment.

So there you go – 8 brand new plush for my shop! You can find them all here!




Rabbits on Sale!



Lately I have been hiding away in my studio, creating a brand new made-to-order range of plush for my etsy store. I’m so excited to release them to the world but for now I’m keeping them all super secret – they’ll be launched in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, I’m having a big farewell sale for my current range. Every single thing in my etsy store is 25% off when you use the code RABBITSONSALE! The sale goes until Sunday the 30th of March but I have limited the listing amounts so get in quick!


Ice Cream Update!


Hey buddies!

Just popping in with a little preview of some new guys that will be going in my Etsy store tomorrow.

Once again they are ice-cream-themed – I’m addicted to making them! These might be the last for a little bit, while I get stuck into some other fun projects.

So, here you go – Ice cream Alpacas and a bunch of deluxe double scooper ice cream cone brooches:



All of the above fluffy things will be going in my Etsy store Friday the 7th of March at 9am AEST!

Thanks for looking =^-^=

Fox News!


Just dropping by to let you know that six brand new foxes are now available in the Skulk of Foxes store – online and in real life! So if you’re in the market for a plush fox, it’s your lucky day!



I have also been working on some other exciting collaborations with the Skulk of Foxes guys that will be released in the next few months- we’re super excited to show you! In the meantime, take a look at these cool iphone covers we collaborated on  – available now in their online store.


More exciting news coming soon!




I’m super excited to announce that I will be holding workshops at the NGV on Monday the 27th of January, as part of Melbourne Now. Wooop! The workshops will be held throughout the day in Community Hall, nice and casual, and we’ll be drawing up cool characters =^-^= All the information is here.

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 8.38.59 PM

On the subject of creating characters, I’m also teaching a soft toy class at CAE this February! The class will will take you through the process of creating your own 3D character, from planning stage to completion, using felt, fabric, needle and thread. I taught this same class last year and it was such a blast – full of cookies and fun conversation – and the students made the most amazing things, like this incredible flamingo (which later gained hair curlers, cat’s eye glasses and a handbag) made by Leaona Cusick! If you’re interested in taking the class, you can find all the details here. Due to a scheduling issue, this class has been moved to June. Sorry for any inconvenience! Contact CAE for more info.


In addition to all of this, CAE are also running a softie making competition! Reginald is a competition in which the general public are invited to make a Softie Portrait of someone you admire/appreciate and want to replicate in soft toy form. All the information is here, and the lovely Pip and I are judges! You can go in the running to win some pretty neat prizes (a fancy sewing machine, subscription to Frankie Magazine and even a softie by me!) So if making softies is your thing, you best get to work!


Happy New Year + Happy New Shop Update


Happy New Year!

After the craziness that is the Christmas season, I have had a nice slow start to the year.

I feel funny and weird if I have a complete holiday from making things, so instead of having a sewing vacation, I decided to just make what I felt like, when i felt like it. And here are some of the things that I made:

A rather Edwardian frog peddling ice creams, to accompany a frog I made on a whim late last year:


As usual, whenever I go into this ‘make-what-I-like’ mode, Harry Potter creeps in somewhere:


Luna & Gryff! Inspired from quite obvious sources. I particularly like Luna’s Ravenclaw jumpsuit and would like one for myself (even though deep down I know I would be Hufflepuff).  I am a bit taken with lions at the moment, and also made this sunny lion-face chain brooch which will be going in to the made-to-order section of my shop:


+ a lion face gocco ->


And then, most likely inspired by the extreme heat we have had in Melbourne this past week, I made a bunch of tiny felt ice creams –>


+ an ice cream gocco!


All these things will be going in my Etsy store tomorrow, Friday the 17th of January at 9am AEST.

So, that was my start to the year! I hope you have had a fun one, too.