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Small, Special


Hello there!

I am excited to announce a new little show I have put together opening at goodspace gallery this week:-1

Small, Special is a collection of new small works and also larger works comprised of small things! I have been working on some embroidered and felted wall hangings, soft sculpture and wearable objects –  I have really gone all out with the sequins, beads and lots of embroidery this time. Lately I have been very taken with the idea of giving sparkle to small, humble objects and items of personal significance. There are also many nods to my cat and muse Porco, like this portrait:


It will be held in tandem with a ripper of a show by The Seven Seas. We’re driving up to Sydney and installing on Monday, you can view the shows on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and then come and join us for a drink and a look on Wednesday evening!


In other exhibition news, I have a piece in Into the Wild – an international group show at Auguste Clown Gallery. The show opens Friday the 6th of November and will be on view until the 20th of November. Such an honour to be showing alongside so many great artists! Here’s a peek at my piece for the show:



And in a final tidbit of news, The excellent Beck Jobson and Ramona Barry of Handmade Life have brought out a book with Thames & Hudson! The Craft Companion is a comprehensive compendium of all things felty, fluffy and fibrous. I am very excited to be featured in the felt chapter alongside some felty heroes of mine! You can preorder it from their website, it’s sure to be a great volume for all craft enthusiasts, I can’t wait to get my copy!



That’s it for now! I will sign off by sharing this nice discovery, recommended to me by my friend Rebecca. Ambient sounds of the Hufflepuff common room! It has been a very comforting and productive soundtrack when I run out of things to listen to, and Porco really blisses out on it. Fellow Hufflepuffs enjoy!

Cat =^-^=

Return to Twinkle Plaza



Return to Twinkle Plaza – and a return to my blog!

Over the last couple of months I have been creating a new set of felted characters for Outré Gallery, based on my recent travels to Japan. I used materials and supplies that I sourced in all of those amazing craft stores you find everywhere in Japan, including wool from bricoleurs in Sapporo and lovely traditional fabric from Nippori Fabric Town.

I took nice photos of them and they are available as A4 Giclee prints as well!

Let me introduce you:


Ramen Loris Seeks Kewpie Salvation


Panda from Cat Street


Poodle Grooming: By Poodles, For Poodles


Usagi Tsukino


Obachan Turtle

All of the plush are one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated and are available on the Outré website, along with the A4 prints, which are in limited editions of 20.

Together with the plush, I made a few little things to go with them:

Twinkle_plaza_ A4Risoscan copy

A Return to Twinkle Plaza Riso print!

A little zine with excerpts from my Japan sketchbook, photos, plans and other bits and pieces:


(it comes with a bonus sticker sheet!)


And last, but not least, a tiny kitten kewpie enamel pin – so you can wear your favourite creamy condiment close to your heart <3


So, there you have it! Thanks for looking! =^-^=

** Return to Twinkle Plaza is the name of the JR Tourist desk in Sapporo Station to which we did return, so the title is indeed factual.


Cats + Dogs



If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have noticed that I have been making an awful lot of needle felted cats and dogs lately – it’s become my favourite pastime =^-^= U-x-U

I decided to pair up the latest bunch, and take some photos of them together going for walks and enjoying the company of one another. They will be going in my big cartel store, sold each as a set and packaged in a cute box, tomorrow morning (the 25th of March) at 9am AEST.

Allow me to introduce you:


A floral kitten with her chow-chow pup!


A well dressed cat chap with his Pomeranian chum =^-^=


And lastly, a grumpy pink kitten with her purple poodle U-x-U

So keep an eye on my shop if you’re keen for a new little cat + dog pal :)

Also, just a little reminder that my new book with Isobel Knowles officially launches this Friday the 27th of March!


We will be selling and signing books, some of the sets from Too Much for Turtle will be on display and there will be turtle-shaped treats for everyone! See the Soft Stories website for more info. See you there!



Fancy Poodles!


I made some poodles!

My growing obsession with needle felt means I am constantly looking for more pouffy animals to make, and poodles sure fit that bill.

Tomorrow morning (18th of March) at 9am AEST I will be adding these three fancy puffy poodles to my store:




And they all come packaged in their own little box, like this:


So if you’re in the market for a poodle of your own, keep your eyes on my store tomorrow morning!


shop update

Too Much for Turtle Book Launch!



Join us to celebrate the release of our new children’s book Too Much for Turtle once again published by the wonderful Thames & Hudson. We’ll be selling and signing books at Captains of Industry from 5:30pm until 8pm on Friday March 27th. Come, have a drink and something to eat with us while you check out a few of the sets and characters in the flesh.

Each of the books sold at the launch will come with a limited edition sticker sheet!

For more details about Too Much for Turtle and to see a sneak peak, visit


If you can’t make it to the launch, Too Much for Turtle is available for pre-order from our online store.

There’s a bonus sticker sheet if you bundle Too Much for Turtle with Owl Know How!

It will be in bookstores from April 1st and retails at $24.99.

tmft and friends_cropped

Fun times!





Too much news!


Hello blog, it’s been a while!

There has been quite a lot on lately – making and moving and renaming. Here’s a rundown of happenings:

First of all, Isobel and I finished our second book! It’s called Too Much for Turtle and will be in bookstores in April. We think it’s a good’un – lots of characters and a nice story full of ups and downs and even some felt tears :'( We can’t wait to show everyone, but until then here is what the front of it looks like:


Plus Frankie Magazine were kind enough to feature Too Much for Turtle in their latest issue! Thanks Frankie!


You will also notice that Isobel and I have decided to go ahead and give our collaborative endeavors a name – we’re called ‘Soft Stories‘ now. It’s fun to say! I’ve always like the word soft, so now I get to say it a lot more often.


In our first bit of official news as Soft Stories, we launched our first app! It’s an adaptation of our first book, Owl Know How, but with a twist – it moves! It makes noises! And you can even hear us read you the story! You can purchase it here – we hope you like it :)


In some bittersweet news, I have moved out of my lovely city studio. There was an annoying combination of rent increases and mouse increases and we all made the mutual decision to move out. For anyone that visited our studio, you will imagine that moving lots of furniture and fluff down six flights of stairs is not an easy task. But it felt like the right decision. We had lots of fun times in that studio and we made lots of cool things in it (including Owl Know How!)

For now I am working in my nice peaceful home studio and it is lovely:


Unpacking in a new space and finding all of my hoarded materials and forgotten lists and things I have started and left unfinished was actually a very fun task and it has inspired me to make new and different things that I will be revealing to you soon! For now, here is a pink kitten with a Totoro backpack looking to the future:

pink kitten