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Cat Stuff



I’m lucky enough to be part of this cat bonanza happening at Tinning Street Gallery from August 14th-17th.

There are so many wonderful artists involved, including Eileen Braybrook, Beci Orpin, Able & Game, Alice Oehr and many more lovely ones.

I have made lots of new lucky cat things, like these brooches, necklaces, plush and a new gocco print:




I’ll be hanging out at the gallery on the Sunday morning, so come past and say hi!


Exciting News! A Koskela Workshop!


I’m very excited to announce that the kind people at Koskela will be hosting a Cat Rabbit workshop!

I’ll be taking students through the process of making and customising a plush character, based on this little guy:

beatnik cat _2

So if you’re in the Sydney area on Saturday the 2nd of August, and are keen to make your very own plush friend, all the details are here! places are very limited, so be quick =^-^=


Pizza Delivery Shop Update!



I got a bit behind with the pizza delivery update, mostly because I kept adding more details – I just couldn’t stop!

But now they are ready! And I’ll be adding them to my Etsy store on Tuesday the 8th of July, 9am AEST on the button.

So, if you’re keen – be quick!

Thank you =^-^=plush update_pizza

Pizza Progress!




Some progress shots of the new pizza delivery set of rabbits and alpacas that are occupying my desk at the moment – so much fun!

I seem to be projecting about my pro-pineapple-on-pizza stance, it’s something I’m quite passionate about defending, it seems.

These guys will be in my Etsy store soon – stay tuned, I’ll be posting all the details here!





I have been a bit remiss in not letting you in on this sooner, but the Animystics group show opened last Friday at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis and they were kind enough to make me the featured artist!

I made a small range of miniature plush and embroideries for the event, which is an animal rescue benefit show. A portion of the proceeds from each piece sold will go to each artist’s chosen shelter: Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, The Animal Humane Society, or Feline Rescue Inc. The work is available to purchase online here: =^-^=.

Here are a couple of the things that I made:

A tiny alpaca!


And a teeny weeny needle felted poodle!

Animystics is a massive celebration and benefit show for all of the animals in our lives, and runs until May 31st. You can find all the details on the facebook event page, and more details about the gallery here.


The New Guys



Over the past month or so, in between other projects, I have been busy sewing a brand new range of made-to-order plush for my Etsy store. I’ve been keeping it really quiet, but now it’s time to meet the new gang!
So, here goes:

Elephant in a Tracksuit –>


I started making elephant folk a few years ago, then just stopped suddenly for no reason. I thought it was time to bring him back – this time in a Tenenbaums inspired tracksuit!

Mathlete Rabbit –>


A rabbit who is really really good at maths. Inspired by the mathletes from Freaks and Geeks, of course!

Turtle Geek –>


Another Freaks and Geeks inspired guy – I was thinking of Bill Haverchuck when I was making this turtle (I’m pretty much always thinking of Bill I guess, but you know).

Hooded Bobble Alpaca —>


A nice bobbly alpaca with gangly legs. This time with a hood!

FlorAlpaca —>


This little alpaca was inspired by a recent commission to make a deer with a flower crown – I got quite taken with making the little felt flowers and so thought this little alpaca lady would be a good outlet for my flower making addiction.

Squish Face Cat in a Cape —>


A squishy cat! My life has basically always been centered around cats (particularly squishy ones), so I decided to reflect this in this nice cat lady.

Peacenik Rabbit —>


I was listening to a nice old interview with John Lennon the other day, and he mentioned that he was often referred to as a Peacenik. Nice word. Here’s a peacenik rabbit.

Sloths are Ok! Sloth Friend —>


Finally! A sloth!

Classics Libearian —>


I couldn’t not have a Libearian in there somewhere! When I sent all these pics to my sister (for approval) she pointed out that this lady bears (!) a striking resemblance to our high school Librarian. She is a cool lady, so I hope if she ever sees this she will take it as a compliment.

So there you go – 8 brand new plush for my shop! You can find them all here!