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Pizza Delivery to Signed & Numbered!


sn_window_1 sn_window_2 sn_window_4 sn_window

Thanks to the lovely folk at Signed & Numbered for letting me invade their window with my pizza delivery guys!

You can see it for yourself at their Degraves St store, it will be up for the month of October!=^-^=

To celebrate, I made this risograph print, available exclusively through Signed & Numbered – you can purchase it from either of their Melbourne stores and online –>here!



=^-^= Miniature Adventures =^-^=


Lately I have taken to needle felting. I’m quite addicted to it actually.  I bought some nice supplies when visiting my sister in Japan earlier in the year, and have spent all of my spare time working out how I can apply it to my characters. Here is the first official installment – tiny alpacas!


They have a felt base, with needle felt poked over top for their fluffy coat!

This one has a poodle-inspired haricut >_<


I am really enjoying working in miniature at the moment, particularly little details like these tiny felt flowers:



They are all quite little, ranging from 15-20cm tall, so I set about seeing if I could make some nice packaging for them to keep them safe. I always like getting a nicely packaged toy to add to my own collection, and it surprised me that it hadn’t occurred to me earlier to package my own toys! So, behold – – alpacas in boxes! —>


You can find these little guys in my Etsy store right now. You can be sure I’ll be making more miniature guys in boxes, too – so stay tuned!



Cat Stuff



I’m lucky enough to be part of this cat bonanza happening at Tinning Street Gallery from August 14th-17th.

There are so many wonderful artists involved, including Eileen Braybrook, Beci Orpin, Able & Game, Alice Oehr and many more lovely ones.

I have made lots of new lucky cat things, like these brooches, necklaces, plush and a new gocco print:




I’ll be hanging out at the gallery on the Sunday morning, so come past and say hi!


Exciting News! A Koskela Workshop!


I’m very excited to announce that the kind people at Koskela will be hosting a Cat Rabbit workshop!

I’ll be taking students through the process of making and customising a plush character, based on this little guy:

beatnik cat _2

So if you’re in the Sydney area on Saturday the 2nd of August, and are keen to make your very own plush friend, all the details are here! places are very limited, so be quick =^-^=


Pizza Delivery Shop Update!



I got a bit behind with the pizza delivery update, mostly because I kept adding more details – I just couldn’t stop!

But now they are ready! And I’ll be adding them to my Etsy store on Tuesday the 8th of July, 9am AEST on the button.

So, if you’re keen – be quick!

Thank you =^-^=plush update_pizza

Pizza Progress!




Some progress shots of the new pizza delivery set of rabbits and alpacas that are occupying my desk at the moment – so much fun!

I seem to be projecting about my pro-pineapple-on-pizza stance, it’s something I’m quite passionate about defending, it seems.

These guys will be in my Etsy store soon – stay tuned, I’ll be posting all the details here!