The Year of the Cat-Rabbit

It’s true!

The Vietnamese Year of the Cat + the Chinese Year of the Rabbit = Year of the Cat-Rabbit. See?

So to celebrate, I’m having a little 25% off sale in my store. Things are being snapped up quickly so take a look overĀ here.

You can also make a bid on my Diana Custom Clone over here

all proceeds go to charity, so get bidding nice people!

In other news, I made a little human! A grandpa with a guitar no less:

What do you think? This was a custom order, but I might start making more little people.

Plush portrait anyone?

I hope the world is treating you kind.



  1. Definitely! Old ladies too!!

  2. Wow this is amazing! You should definitely offer portraits – they are so super nice and would make a lovely present too! I’ll snap one of those up for sure!